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Dylan, Will, Kaya and Thomas play Fugitive x

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Did you say Punk Gally & Genderfluid Newt?!

inspired by punkgally post

you totally did convince me with punk gally, and then you add genderfluid newt.


"It’s bad enough that I let you braid my hair. Don’t put bloody flowers in it too!"

Teresa and Chuck braid and decorate Newt’s hair with flowers while they wait for Minho amd Tommy to come back. :D


But guys, I’m actually really freaking out? The Maze Runner is literally a week away, seven days and I’m so excited. My entire week of school is just going to be endless internal screaming until Friday. Omg.

We found something.

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"What about the script made you excited to make the film?"

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About the snakes on set

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